Wyoming Drug Court Association
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The Wyoming Drug Court Association (WDCA) is an organization designed to support, promote, improve, and sustain Wyoming Drug Court programs in order to effectively reduce the social, economic, and personal costs of substance abuse and associated crimes in our community.
More specifically,Wyoming Drug Courts are committed to working together through the WDCA to:
  • Reduce substance abuse, crime and recidivism;
  • Support the philosophy and the ten key components of Drug Courts in a uniform statewide manner;
  • Support the philosophy and the sixteen key strategies for Juvenile Drug Courts;
  • Provide technical assistance and mutual aid to association members;
  • Create a clearinghouse of information to assist the development, implementation and sustainability of evidence-based and best practices in Court Supervised treatment programs;
  • Educate on the need for funding of effective Court Supervised Treatment Courts in Wyoming;
  • Stimulate development for additional effective Court Supervised treatment programs, in cases where appropriate and as needed;
  • Establish permanent funding for a statewide nonprofit association;
  • Convene and support a dynamic learning community for the Court Supervised treatment programs in Wyoming;
  • Assist with the development of other judicially supervised treatment programs, in cases where appropriate;
  • Perform such other related activities to accomplish the stated goals and activities.

2010 WDCA Officers

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